HOY, 50 AÑOS MAS TARDE… / Hernan Felman

Mayo de 1967, los comentarios periodísticos anunciaban una Guerra inminente en el medio Oriente, el movimiento Sionista en ebullición, una Guerra pondría en peligro de desaparición al Estado de Israel.

Nosotros, que nacimos con el Estado de Israel, no conocimos ninguna realidad fuera de la existencia del Estado Judío, esa seguridad que hoy vemos como trivial, era de todos modos, una realidad relativamente nueva para nuestros padres y abuelos.
Y ahora, mayo del 1967, una vez más, una obscura nube, cubre el cielo del mundo judío y pone en duda la misma continuidad del Estado de Israel.

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Au lendemain des festivités marquant la Renaissance de l’État d’Israël, nous pouvons avec fierté considérer le chemin parcouru. La puissance militaire, économique, scientifique et morale de l’État juif est l’aboutissement du rêve bimillénaire et le succès de la révolution sioniste. Mais nos victoires si chèrement acquises n’amènent pas nos ennemis à désarmer.
L’ennemi arabe continue à imaginer qu’il pourrait détruire le peuple juif sur sa patrie ancestrale et en faire une terre d’islam.
Ce fantasme n’est rendu possible que par le manque de clarté de nos convictions qui a permis aux terroristes de s’établir à Gaza et à Ramallah. Notre mansuétude, nos procès à nos soldats et la formulation de « deux états pour deux peuples» leur permettent d’entretenir leur rêve de destruction.

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Welcome Leon Reich

This morning Leon Reich, the President of the South African World Likud branch, made Aliyah with his wife Juliet. Reich, 83, has been leading the World Likud South African branch from youth and has been active throughout his life promoting the State of Israel and the Jewish people.
We wish him an easy move and transition and look forward to future Zionist activity with him in Israel.


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12 Answers: Exposing the lies

Today, 27/1/17, we commemorate International Holocaust Memorial day. This date was chosen in order to commemorate the day the Soviet army freed the Auschwitz extermination camp.

Unfortunately, the lessons of the past have not been learned and we still witness Anti-Semitism today. Boycotts against Israel have been increasing as well as violence against Jews, especially in Europe.

As a worldwide organization, it is our duty to serve as Israel’s ambassadors and lead the battle against these boycotts. As part of this battle we decided to present to you information in order to respond to the false claims regarding Israel, especially on this International Holocaust Memorial day.

We call upon you to take a stand and tell the truth about Israel worldwide.

Click to view the booklet

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Poland World Likud representative meeting

Last week I met with Monica Krawczysky, the World Likud representative from Poland. We plan to arrange a delegation to Poland during 2017 as part of our Zionist activity focusing on Jewish history and heritage.  In addition, Monica and I discussed the expansion of the Zionist activity in Poland by recruiting additional people from the local community.
Well done to Monica on her fantastic work!


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World Likud convention at Mount Herzl

Towards the 37th Zionist Congress, World Likud delegates worldwide gathered at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem to visit the grave of Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

There they held a memorial at the site and expressed their commitment to the ideology espoused by the late Zionist leader and Head of Betar.

The delegation also visited the Herzl Museum which is located on Mount Herzl and held a seminar to discuss contemporary issues.

World Likud delegate

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The New Palestinian Offensive

An opinion article published  in one of the largest newspapers in Uruguay – “El Observador”

By Dr. Gerardo Stuczynski

In his last speech in the United Nations, the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmud Abás stated that in the last Gaza war Israel committed “crimes similar to the genocide” and said that “there were no reasons for a war and it was the third racist war in five years.”

He did not mention the constant terrorist attacks carried out by Palestinians, the kidnapping and murder of Israeli citizens or the launching of thousands of rockets against the Israeli civilian population, which were its cause. Read more…

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Gaza and the outbreak of anti-Semitism

By Dr. Gerardo Stuczynski*

All armed confrontations are horrendous without exception. But when Israel is the protagonist there is a disproportionate chain reaction in the whole world.

Only in the last year in different parts of the world countless people have been killed: demonstrators in Venezuela, Turkey, Egypt and Libya, tens of thousands of Syrians (among them thousands of Palestinians) have been exterminated with chemical weapons in Syria, entire communities have been massacred in Afghanistan and Sudan, in Iraq, Pakistan and Nigeria; victims of terrorist attacks total hundreds and there was a record number of people hanged in Iran, accused of offences such as homosexuality, that in the civilized world are not considered such.

In front of all these atrocities, together with conflicts like that of Ukraine and Russia and many others in the world, the answer is silence. Ordinary people and even their political leaders recognize that they do not really understand what it is all about and respond with indifference in front of such humanitarian catastrophes.

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Public demonstration in Uruguay

By Dr. Gerardo Stuczynski , Uruguay

July 27th in the sunny and cold winter afternoon of Montevideo, at the gorgeous avenue of Pocitos, took place a manifestation on favor of Israel in its military confrontation with the terrorist organization Hamas. The “Zioniost Uruguayan Federation” and the “Uruguyan Zionist Organization” called to solidiarize with Israel, appointment that attended thousands of Uruguayans, with flags of both countries Uruguay and Israel.

With the leading of the president of this federation Michel Grauser, spoke in the name of both institutes Mr. Sergio Dodel president of the “Uruguyan Zionist Organization”, who expressed: “we came here to manifest our support to the State of Israel in its war against Hamas”.

During the applause he explained that: “Israel is not attacking, it is defending… Their goal is to stop the rain of missiles and to accomplish that it has to damage the terrorist infrastructures and missiles launchers. And it is doing this by adopting every possible measure to avoid civilian victims. We are profoundly sorry about this human tragedy; it affects us each and every one of the victims of both Israeli and Palestinian. But we have to emphasize that the responsibility of this war, and victims that we cry for, lies on who did everything to provoke it.

Israel uses their weapons to protect the civilians, while Hamas uses the civilians to protect their weapons”. The words of Dodel were interrupted in many opportunities by cheers and applause of approval on the message.

Before the cameras of all TV channels of the country, Dodel conclude saying: “Israel always kept one hand stretched for peace and good neighborliness. Unfortunately it had to wield back to defend and persevere its existence. Jewish people, faithful to their ideals, won’t give up peace. It will perseveringly continue to pursue their dream: a future of peace, for our children, for life!”.

At the behest of local news, Gerardo Stuczynski, voicer of O.S.U. for the event, answered all questions about the feelings of the Jewish community of Uruguay, the situation of the Uruguayan community living in Israel and he clarified on the sad occurrences that develop at the area, explaining the true reasons of the conflict and its development.


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Right of any Jew to show solidarity with Israel

After seeing publicity about a proposed “motorcade” of the “Buraq Riders” planning to drive through the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, it was clear that these Muslim bikers intended to drive through the traditionally Jewish suburbs of Johannesburg on Shabbat, when many Jews usually are strolling the streets with their families after attending shul.

by MIKE FISHER | Jul 28, 2014 | South African Jewish Report

Mike Fisher is the chair of the Joburg branch of LIKUD SA

I and a number of other Jewish activists, decided to show our presence and be highly visible with Israeli flags, to get the message across that Jews would not be intimidated, nor cower behind locked doors.

While IDF soldiers are dying for us, we felt that the very least we could do, especially after seeing Jews standing up to intimidation throughout the world, was to stand up and show our solidarity with Israel, to show that the days of Jews turning the other cheek, were long gone.

RIGHT: Mike Fisher proudly displays his flag and waits for the motorcade that never came

As it turned out, the “motorcade” of, reportedly a couple of hundred vehicles, never got to Glenhazel, but did drive through suburbs such as Hyde Park, Oaklands and Waverley.

We were instructed by the CSO to leave, as the group came closer. We left and returneda few minutes later to our spot, with flags.

During this time, one of the community members, perhaps walking home from shul or a family meal, confronted us, asking why were flying an Israeli flag, stating that he saw this as an attempt to provoke the group into violence.

I explained that if anybody was provoking anybody, it was the riders riding through Jewish suburbs, especially on Shabbat. I further asked the gentleman why he thought we should not display our pride in standing with Israel. He replied that this was provocative.

At that moment, another very religious family walked past in frum garb. I pointed them out to him and asked him if he didn’t think that they would view (the bikers) as just as provocative? He responded that that was a symbol of Judaism, not Israel.

I asked him if he really thought there was a difference and proclaimed that anti-Israel activities were just another form of anti-Semitism.

I asked him what he thought Menachem Begin would have preferred us to do and he conceded.

I must stress that all through the time we stood there, numerous cars passed, hooting in support and giving us the thumbs-up sign. Also, a group of passing “Breslevs” cheered us on with “Am Yisrael Chai”.

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