The New Palestinian Offensive

An opinion article published  in one of the largest newspapers in Uruguay – “El Observador”

By Dr. Gerardo Stuczynski

In his last speech in the United Nations, the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmud Abás stated that in the last Gaza war Israel committed “crimes similar to the genocide” and said that “there were no reasons for a war and it was the third racist war in five years.”

He did not mention the constant terrorist attacks carried out by Palestinians, the kidnapping and murder of Israeli citizens or the launching of thousands of rockets against the Israeli civilian population, which were its cause.

He claimed that in order to fight against terrorism in the region “like the Islamic State and others which commit atrocities, more than military confrontation and statements are required”. A comprehensive strategy is needed, an alliance between nations, peoples and civilizations and in order to achieve this, it is essential to “put an end to Israeli occupation”. Any impartial observer can understand that the attempt to establish a link between the power of Israel over certain territories and the kidnapping and beheading of Westerners and the persecution and crucifixion of Christians in the Islamic State is absolute nonsense.

His presentation was framed within a new and defined strategy, which at an inner level aims at strengthening his government of national unity with the Islamic extremist movement Hamas, and at an external level, tries to internationalize the conflict in order to diplomatically isolate and delegitimize Israel.

A clear example is the recognition of Palestine that many Latin American and European countries have granted, in the understanding that they were contributing a positive element for peace, when they actually achieve the opposite effect, since they only exert pressure on Israel and they do not demand any compensation or commitment, vital to reach an understanding.

Another example is the lawsuit filed by Hamas before the European Court of Human Rights to be removed from the list of terrorist organizations. For reasons of procedure, the Court upheld the claim, which will be remedied by the intervention of the European governments, but illustrates the use of a legal technicality as part of their resources.

At the end of 2014, Jordan submitted a proposal of Abas to the UN Security Council demanding the establishment of Palestine within the borders of 1967 and the withdrawal from the “occupied territories” in a period of three years.

The resolution was not adopted because it did not get the required number of affirmative votes. And even if it had obtained them, the U.S. had previously announced its veto. Not getting a favorable result, disguised under the appearance of failure, is what the Palestine leadership considers a success.
Not achieving any real change in the field is, precisely, their aim. What they want is to generate symbolic acts, which have no potential to create a State on its own. Their objective is not to get a concrete realization, since that would disclose their internal irreconcilable differences that would result in a fratricidal war, as happens among many of their Arab neighbors,

Their last diplomatic move was to adhere to the Rome Statute to report Israel for the supposed war crimes committed in Gaza. Leaving aside the fact that only States can be members of the Treaty and Palestine is not one, the International Criminal Court acts on a subsidiary basis to the national criminal courts. It is only in case the State in question does not have an independent Judicial Power to investigate the cases being tried that the International Criminal Court can intervene.

Israel is a democracy with full respect for Human Rights and independence of Powers, which exercised its right to defend itself against the indiscriminate attacks of Hamas. In spite of having to fight in densely populated areas, there is no record in military history of sending all types of warnings to the civilian population by distributing leaflets, making calls and sending messages to cell phones and radios with precise information about the place where the attacks would be carried out, so that those areas could be evacuated.

On the contrary, Hamas, as a terrorist organization, not only lacks a serious legal system, but is also clearly an aggressor. It takes advantage of its own civilians by using them as human shields and has Israeli citizens as targets. Besides, it uses schools, mosques and UN buildings as platforms to launch missiles, all of which are clearly war crimes.

However, when it comes to international organizations, Israel cannot expect impartial resolutions complying with law. The UN is a dysfunctional body that does not discriminate whether the State that is voting is a representative democracy, an authoritarian dictatorship or a medieval kingdom violator of all Human Rights. It is under the control of automatic majorities and its organs issue statements the majority of which condemn Israel. Those statements include criticism to facts that never happened, like setting fire to a mosque, stealing water, or destructing archaeological sites, none of which ever took place.
The effective strategy to move forward towards peace and improve the quality of life of people is not to pursue Pyrrhic diplomatic victories but to commit to serious and direct negotiations.

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