Shalom from Israel,

As Israel celebrates it’s Independence there is still much to be done to strengthen the support for a Jewish State in Israel. World Likud is at the forefront to secure a bright future for the Jewish people in the land of Israel. Our efforts to activate and educate people are in full force as we continue to host solidarity events throughout the country and primarily in Jerusalem. Only a strong unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty is the way forward.

World Likud’s political platform serves as a road map to Jewish victory. This political platform outlines the background and plan for creating peace in the Middle East.

Traditional approaches to the Middle East conflict have always been based on the “land for peace” paradigm. This approach has failed, time and again, mainly because it places the burden for solving the Palestinian refugee problem solely on Israel.

I urge all of you to join World Likud in fulfilling its political platform and share our cause with others. I also invite you to take a more active role in educating others and motivating them to support a strong Israel. If you are interested in becoming involved with World Likud please sign up to receive our newsletter and visit out website for regular updates.

Danny Danon
Chairman of World Likud

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