About Us

World Likud is a nonprofit organization that serves as extension of the Likud Political Party, working to strengthen and promote the values of Zionism in Israel and abroad. World Likud was established in 1998 and serves under the ideological platforms of the Likud’s past and present leaders.

World Likud operates numerous branches located worldwide. World Likud aims to build strong ties between its representatives abroad and the State of Israel through communication and networking including events, missions, and campaigns. An active collaboration between the World Likud headquarters and its branches ensures the advancement of the Likud ideology and values.

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As part of its ongoing advocacy and hasbara activities, World Likud has initiated public campaigns aimed at promoting legislation on various issues. The main objective of World Likud is to develop continued solidarity and increase support for the Zionist cause through the Likud principals. World Likud offers a base for Likud members and Zionists from Israel and abroad to take an active role in the support of a Jewish State in Israel. Its manifold activities are aimed at ensuring the future of the Jewish nation and of the State of Israel.

The World Likud website is regularly updated with hasbara material, articles, upcoming events, and ways to get involved. We invite you to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and be informed with the latest updates.

The global headquarters for World Likud is located in Tel Aviv. The World Likud Chairman is Knesset Member Danny Danon.

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