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About World Likud

World Likud is the Likud Party’s wing for global communication and networking. World Likud branches are located worldwide and maintain contact with the Jewish communities outside of Israel. Ideological founders like Zeev Jabotinsky and Joseph Trumpeldor remain inspirational icons within the movement and likewise continue to inspire World Likud activities. Proudly serving under the ideological platforms of its past and present leaders, World Likud aims to increase support for Zionism using its global branches.

The global headquarters for World Likud is located in Ze'ev Jabotinsky tower (Mezudat Ze'ev), Tel Aviv. World Likud Chairman is Yaakov Hagoel.

World Likud aims to build strong ties between its members abroad and the State of Israel. The organization hosts many events designed to educate the public on its ideological values. Throughout the year meetings are held regularly to ensure active collaboration and the strengthening of global ties.

In addition to its events, World Likud offers its supporters an open medium of communication. The World Likud website is updated regularly with articles, upcoming events, and ways to get involved. World Likud offers a base for Likud supporters and Zionists to take an active role in the support of a Jewish State in Israel. We invite you to sign up to receive our bi-weekly newsletter and be informed of our latest updates.