Political Platform

The following points are presented as a simplified version of the full political platform of World Likud, first written in 2006.


1.    The Jewish nation has a right to exist within secure borders.

2.    Only a strong Israel can survive

3.    The issue of Palestinian refugees is a shared problem, both for Israel and its neighbors.

4.    A Palestinian State within existing Israeli territory is not feasible.


The Immediate Phase:

1.    Talks on the establishment of a Palestinian State will cease effective immediately.

2.    Israel will declare its right to exist within its current borders, with no further surrender of territory.

3.    Israel will annex a designated part of Judea and Samaria.

4.    Israel and its neighbors will jointly bear the costs of relocation.

5.    Arab self-ruled areas will be instated.

6.    Equal citizenship, with equal national duties.

7.   Any threat to Israel and its citizens will be dealt with accordingly.


Peace and Security:

1.   Lasting peace in the Middle East is our long-term goal.

2.   The Arabs must recognize Israel’s right to exist.

3.    Peace through partnership between all Middle Eastern countries.

Social Welfare and Economy:

1.   Massive investments in infrastructure.

2.   Expand tourism.

3.   Address the substantial economical gaps.

4.   Reduce Taxation.

5.   Privatization.

6.   Incentives for increased legal immigration.

7.   Simplify and increase land allocation.

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